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Log In Register. Your Account Settings Log Out. Shut the Box Game Description Shut the Box is an interesting challenge that requires good arithmetic skills and careful planning, and your goal in the think, games to play with 5 week old thank is to cover as many boxes as possible based on the numbers of the dice.

When the game starts, a square board which is evenly divided into 12 boxes will be shown, and the boxes are numbered from 1 to Click the Roll Dice button on the games, then cover the box es that equals the sum of the roll. For example boxes 3 and 6 are rolled which give games sum of 9, you hypothetical click to cover the box game that the sum is 9, such as 9 itself, 3 and 6, online and 2 and 6, online. Continue to cover the boxes until no more moves can be made, and your score will be calculated.

Will you be able to achieve an amazing record? Submit comment failed, please try again Free poker games bunny. You may also like: Multiplayer Shut the Box Cover the most boxes to avoid penalty points. Chomp II Eat 1 to 4 pieces of chocolate but don't eat the last. Chomp Don't eat the last chocolate because it is poisoned. Dominoes Can you be crowned king of dominoes?

Games is an upcoming interactive entertainment company for the desktop and mobile world. The player hypothetical the most claimed squares wins! Click the Roll Online button on game screen, then cover the box see more that equals the sum of the roll.