❾-50%}After a few game plays, kids will become familiar with counting money and saving it, too. Buy and sell stock and make mergers and acquisitions to learn about economics and how the stock market works. The person with the most money at retirement wins the game. We have all been at the cashier counter at least once where the computer glitches and the fear is evident in the clerk's eyes because counting change back seems like an impossible task. They can also be set up so that your score can be used in a point system, which allows you to choose prizes rather than wait to be in a winning tier to get a part of a cash pot. Skill Games for Real Money Most people dream about making money doing something they really love. It is hard for kids to grasp the concept of a paycheck and bills now with everything being electronic, so this game really helps to offset that. Then there are more difficult games such as Monopoly and Chess.